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Begonia genus contains more than 2,000 species.  The forms and colors begonia can offer are spectacularly rich.  Above featured a

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Butterfly pea

Love the purple-blue hue of this Spurred butterfly pea flower.  And its vine is ready to just grab onto anything. 

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  What a feast. On this stem, I counted more than 220 bananas.  This is a healthily harvesting banana tree

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This Itsy Bitsy Spider was spotted downstairs after a rain. It was hiding amid an ixora bush. I have yet

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Love Ferns!  Such primal vitality of life. Earliest fossil records trace Ferns back 360 millions years ago.  These dominate the

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Run Wild

Title: Run wild / David Covell. Publisher: New York, New York : Viking, 2018.©2018 You can borrow the book here:

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  Native to Singapore,  the color of the flower resembles that of the Singapore national flag.  

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We explore, witness and document how nature unfolds in our city, our garden, and our home. For mother nature, we are all kids.

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