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This is a common weed in Singapore.  Like most common things, you really have to look closely to appreciate their

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Beautiful flowers, but one needs to be careful handling this plant.  It contains lobeline and nicotine (as in tobacco leaves).

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Ceiba pentandra

You can’t give this tree a hug. These fierce touch-me-if-you-dare tree trunks can normally grow to 18-30m height. And in

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These little creatures actually are very ancient insects dating back to 250 million years. In comparison, we, the homo sapiens,

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Genetically more sophisticated than most other flowers, dahlia has 42 species.  Garden hybrids offer such wide range of varieties in

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Fatsia japonica

This particularly beautiful fatsia japonica is the variegated “spider’s web” spotted at Garden by the Bay flower dome. The eight

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Westcoast Park

Lots of activities at the West Coast Park. Huge grass land with activities including football, baseball, frisbee, kite-flying,  and camping

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We explore, witness and document how nature unfolds in our city, our garden, and our home. For mother nature, we are all kids.

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