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Love Ferns!  Such primal vitality of life.

Earliest fossil records trace Ferns back 360 millions years ago.  These dominate the planet before flowering plants took over roughly 145 million years ago.  In comparison, Homo Sapiens started to evolve a mere 200,000 o 300,000 years ago. We are indeed looking at living fossils.








Bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus) is probably the most commonly sighted fern in Singapore. Large curvy leaves extend to form a bird’s nest shape. And they often can grow at the branching points of the local Rain Tree (Samanea saman).

Maidenhair fern in contrast has tiny leaves that form beautiful cascading water fall like layers.



Such beauty in geometric structures when they unfold. Mathematicians and computer scientists can be inspired by such structures?


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