Making Butterfly Pea Blue Dye

The Butterfly Pea we keep is in constant bloom with the very distinctive Blue colored flours. So we tried to make a blue dye out of it.   After hours of soaking, we thank for this beautiful gift from nature.        


Dew is always fascinating.   And an interesting conversation can follow the question “Mommy, it is not raining, why are the grasses wet ?”      

Home visit by a Grasshopper

A very shy grasshopper ended up in our home garden.   Definitely a masculine look with strikingly long and fierce-looking legs. Fun fact:  grasshoppers can jump up to 1 meter long, and 25 centimeter high.  As multiple of body size, the equivalent capability in human would enable us to jump easily 50 meters long, and 15 […]

Sherine’s Garden

Sherine started this amazing edible garden on her balcony, together with her 4 year old son. Look at their bounty, after a mere 3 months since attending workshops at Gardens with Purpose From Pak Choi to Okra to Cucumber to Muskmelon.  Sherine’s garden adds so much joy to her whole family !   And this is […]

Westcoast Park

Lots of activities at the West Coast Park. Huge grass land with activities including football, baseball, frisbee, kite-flying,  and camping Kids’ play ground that includes swings, flying-fox, pirate ships and slides. Beach volleyball, cycling and roller-skating.

Tree Detective

Pick up a fallen leaf, and tell me where it came from.    

Run Wild

Title: Run wild / David Covell. Publisher: New York, New York : Viking, 2018.©2018 You can borrow the book here:   Link of this book at National Library What a fun book! This book encourages your kid to Run Wild into the nature,  far away from digital devices at home. To embrace the sun lights, the […]

The Usborne Outdoor Book

Title: The Usborne outdoor book Publisher: London : Usborne Publishing, 2016. You can borrow the book here:   Link of this book at National Library You can find out more: Link of this book at Usborne’s website We brought this lovely book to Bishan park, Gardens by the bay, and Bird park. We identified some leaves, birds, […]

Jurong Lake Garden

Lots of activities for kids to do and be close to nature.  The newly renovated Jurong Lake Garden offers more facilities for kids to enjoy, although I do miss part of the original garden, where there were more mature trees that shade the path.