Dew is always fascinating.   And an interesting conversation can follow the question “Mommy, it is not raining, why are the grasses wet ?”      

Home visit by a Grasshopper

A very shy grasshopper ended up in our home garden.   Definitely a masculine look with strikingly long and fierce-looking legs. Fun fact:  grasshoppers can jump up to 1 meter long, and 25 centimeter high.  As multiple of body size, the equivalent capability in human would enable us to jump easily 50 meters long, and 15 […]

Sherine’s Garden

Sherine started this amazing edible garden on her balcony, together with her 4 year old son. Look at their bounty, after a mere 3 months since attending workshops at Gardens with Purpose From Pak Choi to Okra to Cucumber to Muskmelon.  Sherine’s garden adds so much joy to her whole family !   And this is […]

Westcoast Park

Lots of activities at the West Coast Park. Huge grass land with activities including football, baseball, frisbee, kite-flying,  and camping Kids’ play ground that includes swings, flying-fox, pirate ships and slides. Beach volleyball, cycling and roller-skating.

Tree Detective

Pick up a fallen leaf, and tell me where it came from.    

Run Wild

Title: Run wild / David Covell. Publisher: New York, New York : Viking, 2018.©2018 You can borrow the book here:   Link of this book at National Library What a fun book! This book encourages your kid to Run Wild into the nature,  far away from digital devices at home. To embrace the sun lights, the […]

The Usborne Outdoor Book

Title: The Usborne outdoor book Publisher: London : Usborne Publishing, 2016. You can borrow the book here:   Link of this book at National Library You can find out more: Link of this book at Usborne’s website We brought this lovely book to Bishan park, Gardens by the bay, and Bird park. We identified some leaves, birds, […]

Jurong Lake Garden

Lots of activities for kids to do and be close to nature.  The newly renovated Jurong Lake Garden offers more facilities for kids to enjoy, although I do miss part of the original garden, where there were more mature trees that shade the path.