Making Butterfly Pea Blue Dye

The Butterfly Pea we keep is in constant bloom with the very distinctive Blue colored flours. So we tried to make a blue dye out of it.   After hours of soaking, we thank for this beautiful gift from nature.        

Water Snowflake Lily

Such beautiful name.   Water Snowflake Lily belongs to the Nymphoides genus.  


Cogongrass seeds, similar to Dandelion seeds, are just beautiful.  Fluffy white bundles that dances in the wind. No wonder kids are attracted to them.


Dew is always fascinating.   And an interesting conversation can follow the question “Mommy, it is not raining, why are the grasses wet ?”      

Rain Lily

It is called Zephyranthes Pride of Singapore.   It is delicately beautiful. I’m not sure if this indeed can be called “Pride of Singapore”, as such a title would surely arouse more than enough jealousy from other flowers…

African Iris

Dietes Bicolor  has very interesting forms and color on its petals.

Rattan Cane Plant

This reminds me of Ceiba Pentandra, and shows again what plants can do to defend themselves from invasions. Rattan is economically useful plant that used for producing furniture and handicrafts.


One of the most commonly seen plants in Singapore,  this is Heliconia psttacorum flower dancing under the sun.   And a bee is attracted to the uniquely shaped flowers. I remember, as a kid, picking its flowers, and sucking the sweet nectar, just like bees do… Heliconia


I don’t mind it being a weed or pest plant.   It is a daisy and has delicate flowers. Tridax procumbens