Scaly-breasted munia

Spotted this Scaly-breasted munia at Jurong Lake Garden.  A petite bird that can stand on a strand of foxtail grass,  and have an afternoon snack with the foxtail seeds.  

Home visit by a Grasshopper

A very shy grasshopper ended up in our home garden.   Definitely a masculine look with strikingly long and fierce-looking legs. Fun fact:  grasshoppers can jump up to 1 meter long, and 25 centimeter high.  As multiple of body size, the equivalent capability in human would enable us to jump easily 50 meters long, and 15 […]


This is a relative to the very commonly seen rice weevil.  It is much larger, looks more intimidating. Weevil Wiki


Featured above is Spotted rustic or the common leopard.  Scientific name: Phalanta phalantha.


So this is not Dragonfly,  but belongs to the same order Odonata. Damselfly

Polyrhachis dives

Very fierce looking, armored, and showing off biting teeth.   I hereby name this one Tyson. Although on second thought, male dives have wings.  So maybe name her Arya.   Polyrhachis dives AntWiki Polyrhachis Wiki

Leaf Beetle

An up-petal battle against a Beetle.  How’s that as a tongue twister ? This is an yellow orchid leaf beetle.  Or am not sure if it is the same as Cteniopus sulphureu.Or Lema Pectoralis ? It does seem to cause damage to the orchid below…   Cteniopus sulphureu Wiki


These little creatures actually are very ancient insects dating back to 250 million years. In comparison, we, the homo sapiens, data back a mere 300,000 years ago.  So when you come across a grasshopper, do give it due respect, as the planet has been their homeland far far before we arrived. It is lovely to […]

Hübner’s wasp moth

My daughter found this brightly colored moth resting on a leaf in the bush downstairs.  Its color mimicking wasp is definitely an evolution advantage.  Predators likely avoid eating anything as poisonous and unpalatable as the bright wasp color warns.  It is likely a pollinator just like bees and butterflies. Below another one in Jurong Lake […]