Wild Red Jungle Rooster

Red Junglefowl  is always a spirited and colorful sight.  These are apparently not the chickens/roosters as we know them today, but the ancestors that roamed our land some 8,000 years ago! And we human owe them much gratitude, for keep us company and providing us with a great source of food.  

Grasshopper as pollinator ?

Grasshoppers are commonly considered pests.  But as in this capture at Jurong lake garden, can they be pollinators too ?


This is a red-legged golden orb-weaver spider. Its web can be up to 1.5m in diameter.   This particular one I encountered in Pulau Ubin.


Squirrels are difficult to photograph, as they just keep jumping around tree branches. Plantain squirrels are the most commonly seen squirrels in Singapore.

Oriental fruit fly

Bactrocera dorsalis  is often considered a destructive pest. But when I see these little shiny creatures in the botanic garden, it is hard to associate them with the word “pest”. For a positive contribution, many fruit flies have been dedicated and sacrificed for the advancement of biological and medical research ..  

Another Sunbird

This is an olive-backed sunbird, as defined by its olive colored feathers on the back. Here at the botanic garden on a Heliconia flower. Earlier I have encountered different sub-species of Sunbird  

Bee’s wing frequency

So I used 1/2000 shutter speed, that is, about 0.05% of a second time, to take these photos.  Yet this Blue Bee’s wings are still in action blur.   Turns out Bees wings flap 230 times a second. In comparison, Usain Bolt, the men’s 100m world record keeper, makes less than 5 steps a second in […]


To my untrained eyes, I thought this is a humming bird.  For the bird is so tiny and its long beak is built for drinking nectar from flowers. But it is a Sunbird, which species of sunbird, am not certain.