Ponds offer habitats for many creatures. In a modern city dominated by concrete buildings, ponds can be self-contained mini eco-systems that preserves bio-diversity and become rare sanctuaries for people looking for peace of mind… This post is a place holder that we hope to come back and document more of the interesting findings of ponds […]

Sherine’s Garden

Sherine started this amazing edible garden on her balcony, together with her 4 year old son. Look at their bounty, after a mere 3 months since attending workshops at Gardens with Purpose From Pak Choi to Okra to Cucumber to Muskmelon.  Sherine’s garden adds so much joy to her whole family !   And this is […]

Our city in nature, our city for the future.

What will the city of the future look like? In Pixar’s film Wall E, the future of the city may not be so beautiful: the sky is full of yellow sand, full of garbage, humans are forced to leave their homes, leaving only robots to sort out the garbage. And humans roaming in space will […]