Some Birds in NZ

Compared to Singapore,  some other places do offer the chance to commonly encounter a larger variety of birds, our flying friends. These are a few that we met during a recent rip to NZ.  I wish Singapore continue to resist becoming more of a concrete jungle, and keep forests and gardens in the City for […]

Raising Chickens

It is a lot of fun to keep a few chickens around.  We harvest eggs We observe how small chicks are hatched and raised by mother hen     As we live in this garden city, our kids still need to learn how nature works wonders, and how thankful we should remain to obtain our […]

Making Butterfly Pea Blue Dye

The Butterfly Pea we keep is in constant bloom with the very distinctive Blue colored flours. So we tried to make a blue dye out of it.   After hours of soaking, we thank for this beautiful gift from nature.        

Wild Red Jungle Rooster

Red Junglefowl  is always a spirited and colorful sight.  These are apparently not the chickens/roosters as we know them today, but the ancestors that roamed our land some 8,000 years ago! And we human owe them much gratitude, for keep us company and providing us with a great source of food.  

Water Snowflake Lily

Such beautiful name.   Water Snowflake Lily belongs to the Nymphoides genus.  


Cogongrass seeds, similar to Dandelion seeds, are just beautiful.  Fluffy white bundles that dances in the wind. No wonder kids are attracted to them.


Dew is always fascinating.   And an interesting conversation can follow the question “Mommy, it is not raining, why are the grasses wet ?”      

Grasshopper as pollinator ?

Grasshoppers are commonly considered pests.  But as in this capture at Jurong lake garden, can they be pollinators too ?


This is a red-legged golden orb-weaver spider. Its web can be up to 1.5m in diameter.   This particular one I encountered in Pulau Ubin.