Featured above is Spotted rustic or the common leopard.  Scientific name: Phalanta phalantha.


So this is not Dragonfly,  but belongs to the same order Odonata. Damselfly

Polyrhachis dives

Very fierce looking, armored, and showing off biting teeth.   I hereby name this one Tyson. Although on second thought, male dives have wings.  So maybe name her Arya.   Polyrhachis dives AntWiki Polyrhachis Wiki

Leaf Beetle

An up-petal battle against a Beetle.  How’s that as a tongue twister ? This is an yellow orchid leaf beetle.  Or am not sure if it is the same as Cteniopus sulphureu.Or Lema Pectoralis ? It does seem to cause damage to the orchid below…   Cteniopus sulphureu Wiki