This is a common weed in Singapore.  Like most common things, you really have to look closely to appreciate their beauty… Praxelis Wiki

Jatropha podagrica

Common named Coral plant, its unusually formed flowers do resemble red corals.   Jatropha podagrica Wiki


Beautiful flowers, but one needs to be careful handling this plant.  It contains lobeline and nicotine (as in tobacco leaves). And its sap can cause blindness if caught in the eye. Hippobroma Wiki

Ceiba pentandra

You can’t give this tree a hug. These fierce touch-me-if-you-dare tree trunks can normally grow to 18-30m height. And in some cases up to 77m tall (more than a typical 20-story building) and 5.8m thick.  Solid indeed!   Ceiba pentandra Wiki