No other plants are as ubiquitous and seemingly common as grass, especially in a metropolitan City. Grass actually flowers, although the tiny flowers are not easily noticeable. Not as brightly showy for bees and butterflies to easily spot,  these tiny flowers are pollinated by wind.


Bees are the most common pollinators. Where there are beautiful flowers, delicious nectar and pollen, there are busy bees.  Above are two Blue-banded Digger Bees. NParks suggests these are shy and docile thus seldom aggressively sting people. I am just happy they are not camera shy. Below is the more common honey bee. Indeed a […]

Crepe Jasmine

Jasmine is a commonly sighted bush in many parks here. This particularly interesting flower shape is from a Variegated Crepe Jasmine I saw in Botanic Garden. The long pointy white petals seem to form a fan that’s whirling in strong wind.

Phyllanthus pulcher

Leaves fold closed at night, for what’s called Nyctinasty. Phyllanthus pulcher NParks Nyctinasty Wiki

Mussaenda Glabra

What an inviting sight at the entrance to botanic garden. Lovely tiny yellow flowers and fresh rain drops lingering on comparatively large white colored bracts (modified leaf). This is an evergreen shrub native to Malaysia and Singapore and given Endangered conservation status.  The plant also offers edible leaves, which can be made into tea to […]